2005 Facility of the Year Award Winner

Novo Nordisk A/S

Project: NovoSeven Facility
Size: 14,000 square meters
Budget: $143 million

Key Project Participants:

  • Architect, Process Design and Engineering: NNE
  • Construction: MONNET (joint venture between NNE and MT Højgoerd)
  • Equipment Suppliers: BBI, Millipore, Christ, Semcon, Bravida, Emerson Process Management
  • Commissioning and Validation Consultant: NNE


  • 18 months from basic design approval to handover



Alkermes, Inc.

Project: Brickyard Square Manufacturing Facility
Size: 90,000 square feet available; 45,000 square feet used initially
Budget: $40 million

Key Project Participants:

  • Architect, Engineer, and Construction Manager: Parsons Corporation
  • Equipment Suppliers: Niro, MG America, Electrol Specialties Company, Superior Controls
  • Installation Contractors: Joseph P. McCabe, TJ McCartney, Dynamic Systems, Berkshire Bridge & Iron, Coghlin Electric, Beacon Piping, Worcester Air, Andover Controls, Valante Mechanical
  • Validation: cGMP Validation
  • Detailed Design Start: September 2001
  • Construction Start: January 2002
  • Construction Completion: April 2003
  • Validation Completion: March 2004


Apotex, Inc.

Project: Etobicoke Expansion Project
Size: 428,500 square feet
Budget: $238 million

Key Project Participants:

  • Architect: Whitney Bailey Associates
  • Mechanical and Electrical Design: AMEC Americas Ltd.
  • Construction Support: Vanbots Construction Corporation
  • Equipment Suppliers: FMC Technologies, FKI Logistex, Grantek Control Systems, ThermoSystems, NJM/CLI Packaging Systems, Korsch America, IMA North America, Girton Manufacturing, Gerteis Maschinen + Processengineering AG


  • Construction: January 2002 - December 2003
  • Production Start-Up: June 2004


Kowa Company Ltd.

Project: Kowa Nagoya Project
Size: 8,520 square meters
Budget: $38.8 million

Key Project Participants:

  • Architect: Shimizu Corporation
  • Process and Engineering Design: Hitachi Plant Engineering and Construction, Ltd., ELVECO
  • Equipment Suppliers: Toyota Industries Corporation, Murata Works Ltd.


  • Construction to Delivery: August 2002 - July 2003


Lundbeck Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Project: Lundbeck Pharmaceuticals API Manufacturing Facility - P7
Size: 6,000 square meters
Budget: 50 million

Key Project Participants:

  • Engineering, Design, Procurement, Construction,
    and Validation: Foster Wheeler
  • SMB and Filter Driers: Novasep
  • Financial Support: Northcroft
  • Civils Contract: Interserve
  • Materials and Labor Subcontracts: Caxios, SEC, Cordell


  • Construction Begins: April 2000
  • PQ Completion: May 2003
  • FDA Inspection: June 2003